Anrich run a great 5 week grooming course. Totally hands on, learning while grooming from experienced, helpful and friendly tutors. It is an intense course with no added luxeries of anything other than one noose while grooming. This sets you up to be able to handle the wriggly and unimpressed dogs well and you will feel confident to be able to handle any dog on a grooming table by the time you finish. Everyone is provided with their own equipment for the duration of the course and you will learn correct cleaning procedures to able you to maintain your equipment.
Grooming techniques are taught extremely well – by the end of 5 weeks you will be able to groom various styles from start to finish on your own and feel very satisfied!!

Although not every breed is covered (obviously impossible in 5 weeks) you will feel confident that you can pick up the grooming bible, find that breed and understand how to groom that dog correctly once you leave.

I am extremely happy with the course and feel confident to go out and groom dogs with no supervision. Thank you Anrich!