Dog Grooming Business Plan Expert Tips

So, if you are looking for a new business, and you love dogs, dog grooming could be your ideal business. We have all the best tips to help you create the perfect dog grooming business plan. Our dog grooming courses will give you the ideal launch pad to start your new dog grooming business and your new life. Whether you are currently working in the pet industry and want to add another branch to your existing repertoire, or are looking for a complete career change, dog grooming is a great choice. With a carefully devised business plan, you can create a career that will suit you and your lifestyle.

Type Of Business Set-up for a Dog Grooming Business

A grooming business is very flexible, and there are different options for your business plan. We will take a look at the different business setups for your dog grooming business. Looking at the pros and cons of each business set-up will help you to work out which version will suit you best.

Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming is where you travel to your client’s house, often in a small van that is kitted out as a mobile grooming unit. This is a popular choice amongst owners as it is convenient for them and can be less stressful for the dog. Bear in mind that you will need to factor the running costs of your van into your business plan.

Grooming Salon

A traditional brick-and-mortar dog grooming business gives you a physical presence in your neighbourhood. This can be an easy way to market yourself to the local area. Some owners find it easy to just drop their dogs off. You will need to factor in the cost of running a groomers into your business plan.

Home Grooming

You may choose to run your dog grooming business from your home. This can be cost-effective and provide you with a highly profitable business, however, you need to make sure you can create a happy work-life balance.

How to Write a Dog Grooming Business Plan

It is important that you write a pet grooming business plan, to ensure that you have a clear idea about what you are doing and to lay out the specifics of your business. You may need to use this business plan to get a loan. Certain elements must be included in your business plan.

Company Description

This is your vision for your company. If you have a niche or a particular noteworthy skill, this is the place to showcase it. Perhaps you are experienced with giant dog breeds that other groomers may not enjoy working with.

Products and Services

Here you will explain which grooming services you will be offering within the dog grooming business plan, and how this sets you apart from your competitors.

Market Research

Competitors! You need to know who else in your area is offering dog grooming services, what their core market is, and what they charge. Understanding your local marketplace will be a crucial part of your grooming business plan.

Marketing and Advertising

As part of your market research into the local pet businesses, you should have a good understanding of your ideal customers and be able to create a marketing plan to put yourself in front of your future customers.

Management Summary

If you have staff, or you intend to, this is where you show how they will operate in your pet grooming business, alongside their qualifications and experience.

Financial Analysis

The nitty gritty money part. Basically, your profit is your income minus your expenses. So, any costs that you incur, such as electricity, shampoo, and rent, will need to be subtracted from your income to give you your profit from your grooming business.

Legal Requirements

Check what regulations apply to running a dog grooming business. Depending on how your choose to operate there will be different legalities, so ensure that you are fully legal rights from your first pet grooming customer.

Tips For Running A Dog Grooming Business

Enjoy our great top tips to help you launch your own groomers.

Tip 1: Make sure you know what you are offering. Are you going for high-end grooming or high volume lower cost? Are you specialising in a certain breed? This can be a great angle, as different dog breeds have distinct characteristics.

Tip 2: Check that you are happy handling other people’s dogs. You may love your own dogs, and feel super confident working with them, but borrow dogs from friends to find out how you feel about working with different types of dogs. You will get plenty of experience working with different dogs during our courses, so don’t worry if you have only ever handled your own dogs.

Tip 3: Be organised! Running your own grooming business can be great fun and very rewarding, but it is very different from working for someone else. It’s all up to you – marketing, admin, sales, ordering, as well as the actual grooming. Make sure you allocate time to run your business, not just grooming time.

Tip 4: Have a good sense of humour! Do you know what they say? Never work with children or animals! Well, you are going to! Every day will be different, and every dog will be different, so keep smiling and enjoy it!

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Grooming Business?

If you are considering becoming a dog groomer and starting your own business, the next step is training. A professionally delivered course will set you on the right track to both developing the dog grooming business plan, then growing your own grooming business. It can be scary to take the first step into running a business, but it will give you the chance to build your own business for yourself, be your own boss, and work with dogs all day. Wave goodbye to the boring 9 to 5 and start your new life today. Our dog grooming courses will give you the experience of working with a range of different dogs, as well as support with the business side of setting up a grooming business. Don’t delay, start your new career today with the team at Anrich Dog Grooming School.


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