The Hound Hut

Sally Carter : The Hound Hut

After 34 years working as a nurse I decided it was time to re-evaluate my life and do something I really wanted to do. As a child I always wanted to work with animals, do something with art or be a hairdresser. Dog grooming appealed because it ticks all those boxes. After a lot of looking at various courses I chose to undertake the 5 week diploma course at Anrich. The course was competitively priced and included animal first aid and some time spent on how to maintain equipment and go about setting up a small business. After successfully completing the course I set up in business 3 weeks later. The course is absolutely fantastic and very hands on right from the start.

The tutors are all so patient and really helpful… even on days you feel you’re struggling they help boost your confidence. The course is exactly what it says on the tin… it’s enough to get you started on a journey of grooming. There are always going to be more things to learn after it and things to improve on… but as a starting point it’s great. I started up my business The Hound Hut on the west coast of Cumbria last June and gave up my relatively well paid job as a nurse. I have never looked back and certainly don’t regret my decision. I am now grooming 15-20 dogs a week with around 80 regular customers. My diary is full for the next month and I can pay my bills. The course at Anrich is life changing…if you want it to be and are prepared to work hard. I for one recommend it.