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Welcome to Dog Grooming Courses @ Anrich in Wigan, North West UK

Anrich Dog Grooming Courses academy has been established for 20 years, and is an accredited City & Guilds training centre. We receive amazing feedback from students who go on to be hugely successful dog groomers. The key to our success is our great tutors who are with you every step of the way, the hands on nature of the dog grooming courses, and our huge model bank of dogs of all breeds.


We are based within an animal hospital and cover animal health care and first aid and our advertising and business tuition takes you through the whole process of setting up a dog grooming business. The dog grooming courses are so thorough you can get started as soon as you complete the course.  If you are looking for a change of career dog grooming is a hugely growing industry and a enjoyable and rewarding career. Let us inspire you to a new beginning. 


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