The Soggy Doggie

Laura Thorpe : The Soggy Doggie

I have always worked with dogs, but felt deep down that I wanted to work for myself and create a business that represented myself and my ethics and something I would enjoy for the rest of my life. That’s when I decided to just go for it and train to become a dog groomer! I looked around for ways to do this, that’s when I came across Anrich Dog Grooming School in Wigan, right here in my hometown. I chose to train here because it was very if not all practical based. I’m very hands on and learn best actually doing the work, a full day of grooming worked really well for me and I would go home and do some theory for myself. The staff were great and were always on hand to help and have mountains of knowledge and experience, I felt like my training was really good down to the fact as soon as I finished the course I felt confident enough to start grooming my own clients straight away.

I’m coming up to my second year of grooming and the opening of my business and looking back I can’t believe how great it has gone, all the loyal clients I have and how much I still enjoy grooming. I work from an extension on the back of my home that I designed as my dog grooming salon. It’s just the right size for me and my dogs and it runs off into the back garden so plenty of space to play afterwards! I’ve definitely found my own personality that I’ve put on my business, I take a lot of pride in my work and like to take nice pictures and videos for my social media and really put a lot of effort into that. I work holistically and use 100% natural, vegan products and have even become Wigan’s only ‘Paw Natural’ stockist. I attend many seminars a year to keep my knowledge updated and learn new skills and have gained a lot of friends and contacts in the U.K. & abroad grooming community. I honestly don’t regret anything and have a lot to look forward to with the business growing in the near future.