Complete List of Equipment Needed For Dog Grooming Business

Setting up a dog grooming business can seem a bit overwhelming, but here at Anrich Dog Grooming School, we can help. From dog grooming training courses to advice on the grooming equipment that you will need to get started, we will be with you to help make your dog grooming dream a reality. We have put together a complete list of the dog grooming equipment that you will need to start your own grooming business. If you are going to specialise in certain breeds, and sizes of dogs, or offer a mobile grooming service, then you may need to add in some extra items, but this will give you an excellent list to get you started.

Cleaning and Bathing Products

Dogs will need to be bathed and cleaned as part of the service that you offer. You will need a good range of supplies suitable for different dogs.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Good quality shampoo and conditioner are a worthwhile investment. You may need special shampoo for puppies, or dogs with skin conditions, who may react to normal shampoo.

Face Wash

Choose a gentle face wash for washing around the delicate areas such as eyes, and the muzzle.

Skin Products

See what other items are available in the same range as the shampoo and conditioner. There may be some great products for skin problems or other conditions. Speak to your owners, and other dog groomers to see what products people recommend.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Some dogs will need their teeth cleaned if this is a service that you want to offer.

Cotton Balls and Swabs

Always useful to have on hand, for cleaning around delicate areas.

Grooming Wipes

Have a pack on hand, for a quick go-to easy solution if you need a quick wipe over a dog.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen, so make sure you have a well-equipped canine first aid kit, and keep it fully stocked.

Dog Bathing Equipment

As well as all the products you need to bathe and clean dogs, you will also need the equipment to do so. From tables for dogs to stand on to hairdryers to dry them off, have a look through the list, and think about the space that you will be using, so that you can choose the best equipment for your dog grooming needs.

Dog Bathtubs and Stands

You will need a bathtub to wash dogs in. Look for one with a stand to attach the dog to, as the majority of dogs won’t just stand still while they are being washed.

Dog Hair Dryers

Once you have a wet dog, you will need to dry it! Choose a good quality hair dryer as you don’t want to spend ages drying dogs.

Dog Brushes

You will need a good collection of brushes for different coat types. A smooth-coated HPR type will need a very different brush than a miniature poodle.

Dog Combs

Combs are good for certain hair types, as well as lining up hair for cutting.

Shedding Blade

Ideal for removing moulted hair from a thick-coated dog.


However, many towels you think you will need, get more! You can never have too many towels.

Grooming Apron

What do wet dogs do? Shake! Keep yourself dry and tidy throughout the day with a grooming apron.

Grooming Gloves

Can be very useful to protect your hands from being repeatedly wet throughout the day.

Grooming Table

Your grooming table is an important item and needs careful consideration. There are different types to choose from, such as a static one to an electric one. You need to think about how you are going to get dogs onto your table, lifting a little Maltese is not a problem, but a Great Dane?

Grooming Arm and Loop

Another important piece of equipment for a dog groomer. Your grooming arm and loop will keep the dog that you are grooming still so that you can get on with the grooming.

Grooming Tools

So, your dog is washed, cleaned, and dry, now you are ready to clip and trim.

Dog Clippers

Invest in a good quality pair of dog clippers, from a reputable brand, and maintain the blades carefully. Clippers are the main tool of your trade.


Smaller trimmers for working around tricky or delicate areas will make your job easier.

Nail Clippers

Many people like to have their dog’s nails clipped at the same time as they are being groomed. Make sure you have a range of different-sized nail clippers.


Shears or scissors are needed for the final trim or animals that are noise sensitive.

Other Essential Items

There are a few other items that will make your dog grooming easier.


If you have a dog grooming set-up where people can drop their dogs off and pick them up later on, you will need somewhere to safely keep a dog, once it has been groomed. Kennels or crates are ideal for this type of setup.


A steady supply of treats will make sure that all the dogs are happy and settled when they are with you.

Build Your Dog Grooming Business Today!

Setting up a business in dog grooming has many benefits. You can be your own boss, work the hours that you choose, fit it around other commitments, and you get to spend your days with dogs! If you are interested in a change of career or are looking for your next step, have a look at the dog grooming courses that we offer here at Anrich Dog Grooming School. We will train you so that you are confident, knowledgeable, and ready to set up your own business. We don’t just teach you how to groom a dog, but also how to set up and run a successful business. If you love dogs and are looking for a new opportunity, then have a look at what we can offer you. Change your life today, and train to be a dog groomer with the experienced and professional team at Anrich Dog Grooming School. If you want to know more, please call our friendly and helpful team on 01942 242001.


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