ParknBark Dog Grooming Salon

ParknBark Dog Grooming Salon

Ray Forsaw : ParknBark Dog Grooming Salon

After being a farmer all my life I decided that it was time for a change and a new challenge and my passion for dogs led me to follow the path to become a professional dog groomer. At home I have 4 dogs of my own Tippi a border collie, Teddy a border collie and 2 elderly West Highland Terriors Sidney and Lucy.

I enrolled on the professional dog grooming course at Anrich and it was the best thing I have ever done. After graduating I set up a mobile dog grooming business ParknBark 2 years ago and I am delighted to say my new career has really taken off . I am fully booked and very busy. I am doing something I really enjoy which is working with dogs, meeting people and their pets and I have the freedom of working for myself with the hours to suit me. Going mobile with my trailer was the ideal set up for me and I love being out and about. Besides going to the customers at home I regularly visit local caravan parks in the area and have built up good client bases there. I believe I have found a niche in the market for grooming the bigger breeds such as Newfoundlands ,German shepherds, Old english sheepdogs as well as all the other breeds and no 2 days are ever the same.

It is all thanks to tutors and the great course at Anrich. Whilst training I groomed a wide variety of dogs and we were grooming every day, it was very hands on. The tutors and the support and guidance was great. The set up at Anrich not only covers the grooming side it also covered advertising and setting up your own business as well as animal health care and first aid. As I had been a farmer all my life this was a huge change for me but I received loads of help and advice about advertising and setting up a website and my own business and I have never looked back.

Here I am pictured below with one of my customers Crufts champion the beautiful ‘Zefathers What It Takes ‘ otherwise known as Bella who I groomed in preparation for her first showing at Crufts and she went on to scoop 3 top awards in three categories this year. Best puppy bitch, best puppy in breed and Reserve Champion Bitch.