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I have lived in the Algarve with my two sons since 2006. Dogs have been an integral part of my life since I was a baby, but my passion for dogs grew even stronger when I adopted two of my own from a rescue centre in Aljezur on the West Coast of Portugal.

Since their arrival into our family, Bonnie and Byron, our two fur babies, have enriched each of our lives in different ways. For me, my love for everything about them led me to the decision to have a complete career change.

Having worked for over 30 years in various positions and countries, at 45 years of age I had finally decided what career path I wanted to take …to become a dog groomer …better late than never!

From the moment I spoke with Christine, the Grooming Manager on the phone to discuss the course, I felt completely at ease and totally reassured that the Dog Grooming Academy within the Veterinary Hospital at Anrich was absolutely the best place to be undertaking my training. I wanted professional training with experienced tutors and just as importantly I wanted to be gaining as much hands-on practical experience grooming dogs as I possibly could. This is exactly what Anrich were offering me. I am actually from the South East of England and it would have been easier and more economical for me to have trained there (especially travelling from Portugal), but having looked into numerous courses and training centers I really felt that Anrich were offering the best all round training package.

It was absolutely one of the best decisions I have ever made and I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of the training at Anrich. We were a small group which was perfect for learning and given the number of tutors always present we never had a moment where we didn´t have someone to call upon for help. Learning a new skill is a daunting and sometimes terrifying task, but throughout the course I felt 100% supported and never hesitated to ask for help…even when it felt like I was doing so 100 times in a day!

Apart from everything already said, I can honestly say that whilst the training is just the beginning and like anything in life we continue learning and improving every day, what the course at Anrich allowed me to do was to leave feeling confident and competent enough to start working on my own in my very own grooming room just two days after I finished the course in November 2018. I have been grooming dogs every week day since and now have a busy, successful little dog grooming business which I run from my home and absolutely love.

My decision to become a dog groomer was life changing and needless to say I have never looked back.