How to Become a Dog Groomer – A Guide

If you have wondered how to become a dog groomer & wanted to explore a new career opportunity working with dogs you have certainly landed in the right place.

In recent years the dog grooming industry has continued to thrive and grow, presenting more opportunities than ever before for dog lovers and those looking for a job working with animals to enjoy a career with huge potential. In the UK most households have a dog and these days it is not just the specific breeds like poodles or bichon frise that need a haircut. These days it is easy to take your boxer or labrador for a bath and brush than attempt it at home so the dog grooming industry now caters for all breeds in every shape and size. Furthermore, the more people own dogs the higher the demand for dog grooming services.

Dog groomers work with a huge variety of dog breeds and the grooming process involves bathing, brushing, clipping, scissoring and styling, nail clipping and ear cleaning to ensure the dogs leave you looking their best. Courses that cover animal health care enable you to obtain knowledge on understanding the overall health and well-being of the animals in your care and the types of shampoos and products that will be suitable for particular dogs for instance with sensitive skin or other health concerns.

So, if you are considering becoming a dog groomer then our guide is designed to help you understand what it entails and what it takes to forge a career in this industry.

Qualifications Needed to Be a Dog Groomer

Although there are no formal qualifications for dog grooming, having a professional City and Guilds qualification, such as we offer here at Anrich Dog Grooming School, will set you apart from your competitors. Undertaking formal dog groomers training certification will give you knowledge and confidence when starting your new grooming business.

What Groomers Need to Learn

There are vital skills that all dog groomers should know. The advantage of taking a training course is that you can be confident that you have a good understanding of grooming, and be able to deliver great service to your customers.

Breed Information

Different breeds of dogs have different coats and they need to be treated differently. The rise of poodle-type dogs has led to a great diversity in coat types. It is important to understand how different dog coats behave, to give them the best clips for their breed.

CPR and First Aid Training

First aid is so important, and being able to react quickly in an emergency can save lives. Making sure that you have knowledge of CPR and first aid, will keep the dogs and people involved with your grooming business safe.

Stripping, Thinning, and Carding

Just as all dogs have different coats, so does each coat need a different process. Certain breeds may need stripping, thinning, or carding, and part of your training will be to ensure that you understand which technique is appropriate to use in each situation.

How do I get started?

Becoming a dog groomer is not something that you can move into overnight. Dog grooming courses have been designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and techniques that you will need to secure your dream job. It is important to pick a well-established and reputable school with qualified tutors and to make sure the course curriculum covers all you will need to know and that they have an adequate bank of model dogs so that the training is hands-on and practical. This is essential to master the dog handling skills and different styles of the different breeds.

The duration of the course is also important. Some schools offer 2-week courses but this is only a basic introductory course and you will not learn all the skills required in that amount of time. We offer a Professional Diploma in Dog Grooming course which is a 5-week course, and every day for 5 weeks is essential so that the student is competent and well equipped by the end of the course, and able to then get started straight away.

Any good school should offer a course in first aid and animal health as any would-be groomer needs to have an understanding of this area before embarking on a career as a dog groomer.

Once you are qualified there are many different paths you can follow. You could go on to work for a dog grooming salon or a reputable chain such as The Groom Rooms at Pets at Home. Usually, you would only be considered for a job if you have a qualification and have completed a dog grooming course, and have the overall basic skills required.

A large percentage of people go on to set up their own businesses and there are many options. Setting up your own salon, working from home in a summer house or converted shed in the garden, or from a converted garage gives you the flexibility to work the hours that suit you without the commute to work. Others prefer to go mobile in a van.

This is not just a profession for the young as it is a popular choice for the more mature student looking for a change of career. A course that offers help and guidance on setting up your own business is advantageous.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Dog Groomer?

Becoming a dog groomer involves taking a number of routes to becoming qualified. Undertaking a course that will take around five weeks might prove to be the faster option. With this 5-weeks grooming course, you will learn the relevant skills each day, turning you into a competent dog groomer. furthermore, these courses will also cover first aid and animal health as this will be required when moving into a career in dog grooming.

How Much do Dog Groomers Make in the UK?

How long is a piece of string? Running your own grooming business allows you to work the hours that you want, and earn the right salary for you. The more hours you work the more you will earn, but if you want to work fewer hours to achieve a better work-life balance, then you can. Your future is in your hands.

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Is Dog Grooming Right for Me?

If you are looking for a career working with animals, and you have a genuine love of dogs this could be the answer for you. It can be a challenging but hugely rewarding job. Good customer service and communication skills are essential as you will be required to liaise with customers and their pets. You will need to discuss styles and tailor haircuts to the customer’s requirements. You will be interacting with the customers and their furry friends and warm caring nature is important as customers will be leaving their pets in your care and the dog’s comfort, welfare, and well-being is all part of the service. Not only is a quality groom essential but just as essential is the service that you offer if you wish to excel in this industry.

Introduction to Dog Grooming Course

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