Dog Grooming Courses at Anrich Vets
Dog Grooming Courses at Anrich Vets

Introduction to Dog Grooming (2 Weeks)

This Dog Grooming course is ideal for beginners who would like to take the first initial steps into the world of dog grooming. This is an introductory course and enables you to learn the basic practical skills with an element of thoery.

Please call Christine on 01942 242001 if you have any questions or wish to book a visit to see us.


  • Bathing and Drying techniques
  • Basic clipping techniques
  • Basic scissoring techniques
  • Nail clipping
  • Handling and control
  • Lifting
  • Breed recognition
  • Coat types
  • Anatomy of the dog
  • Basic Health care
  • Understanding tools and equipment
  • Care and Maintenance of equipment

Students on a 2 week course are welcome to attend our presentations.

Business Management with Richard Weston Principal BVMS MRCVS

Advertising your business with James Weston, Managing Director.

Maintenance of equipment with Chris from Tru-Sharpe.

Price: 10 Days £1100

Contact Details:

Christine Foster

Tel: 01942 242001



Dog Grooming Courses @ Anrich

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